Bianco Electrical serving Suffolk County NY for residential and commercial electrical needs launches their new website. It provides more information for their Sufolk County and Long Island clientele. President Benny Bianco noted that “Long Islanders don’t realize that most homes on the Island don’t meet building and electric compliance codes. We want to educate the public to help them avoid fines, and prevent disaster due to faulty electrical wiring and components.”

The majority of Long Island homes electric boxes are out of date and should be evaluated, and most likely upgraded. Bianco Electric is proud to have served its neighbors in Nassau & Suffolk counties since 1986.

When the need strikes feel free to call Bianco Electrical diagnosis and repair, with guaranteed up-to-code materials for new (or repair of) lighting, outlets, switches, fans, accessories, appliances, security and health alarms, heat and air. And we can help with installation and wiring of outdoor lighting, pool and Jacuzzi lighting, and security alarms.

Bianco Electrical Serving Suffolk County NY

Faulty electric wiring causes 55,000 wires each year, resulting in 500 deaths, 1,500 injuries, and 1.4 billion dollars in home damages.

Keep your family and home safe with regular annual inspections of wiring, appliances, and the main electric panel . Call us today for a free evaluation.