Each year America witnesses over 300,000 home structural fires. The majority of these take place at the start of Spring and cause over $7 billion in damages while claiming over 3000 lives. Almost 48,000 of the fires are caused by malfunction or electric failure, and almost all of them are preventable. Here are some quite tips regarding your electric system.

The electrical system of a home, as well as the appliances in it are dangerous to an extent. However, by following a few simple electrical safety tips you can greatly reduce the risk while keeping your home and loved ones safe.

The best choice at the start of spring each year is to invest in having a certified electrician perform a home evaluation review.  In Suffolk County (long Island) New York, a local favorite for over 30 years is Bianco Electric. Contact them for a high-quality electrical diagnosis & repair evaluation.

But you can review certain things on your own.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home Electric System

Inspection of electrical cords – besides the danger of electrocution, damaged or worn out electrical cords can instantly turn into a risky fire hazard. Closely inspecting and checking the electrical cords at home is good diligent practice. Look around for signs of damage, fraying or loose plugs and work towards replacing each immediately. When an appliance cord is damaged, ensure you have a professional take a look to replace the cord. Take care in ensuring all cords are kept well away from water and external heat sources.

Refrain from removing a ground pin – known to all as a 3-prong plug, this plug is common with many appliances. A third pin added to the bottom acts as the grounding element. While it can be tempting to remove the pin in order for the plug to be usable in 2 prong outlets, the ground pin is actually a very important safety element that must not be tampered with. Devices with metal frames are capable of dealing deadly electric shocks upon the wiring becoming loose with the ground pin working towards redirecting current in a safe manner to the ground while tripping the circuit breaker.

No overextending of extension cords – extension cords are just a temporary solution, even though many people use them as a long term one. They’re not, and shouldn’t be. Extended use of extension cords puts your electric system in danger. If one is needed on a regular basis, hire an electrician to add additional outlets at the right spots in the house instead. Do not run extension cords under carpets, through doorways or other parts of the house where the cord could get damaged. Refrain from overloading the extension cord with a higher amperage than the rating says it can handle. Do regular checks to ensure the cord isn’t turning warm when held.

Seek a professional’s help – electric system safety tips should be adhered to regularly. However, at times, an expert’s help is required. If you spot a switch turning warm or failing to work correctly, or an appliance causing sparks or giving off electrical shocks upon touch, cut the power immediately. This would be the best time to call a professional.

Take a couple of minutes to check for the electrical safety hazards at home around Spring time. Check for correct wattage, keep appliances away from water, check insulation on a cord and an electrical disaster can easily be averted.