Most people do not think of their friendly Long Island NY electricians as having a superpower until they learn that about 55,000 house fires start because of electrical wiring in disrepair. Electrical contractors are the specialists that help to prevent house fires by keeping electrical wiring in top condition.

Maybe, it is not a superpower, but it a skill set that every homeowner will need to tap into at some point. Licensed electricians can help you to keep your home safe.

Who Was the First Electrician?

A lot of people claim that none other than Benjamin Franklin was the first electrician. While it is true that he was an inventor and very interested in electricity, it is not true that his tinkering lead to the career field as we know it today. It likely wasn’t until the 1800’s, many years after Mr. Franklin’s demise, that the first electrician emerged to answer the call of consumers. Around that time there was a lot of excitement surrounding new electrical devices and appliances.

As the emerging electrical appliance market grew, the need for safe installation did too. As well as the need for a skilled trade that could manage installations, repairs, and the safety of electrical. This is when trade standards began to develop, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Famous Electricians

There are a few famous people that started out as electricians. George Harrison from the Beetles worked as an electrician. Albert Einstein worked as an electrical contractor for his father’s business. Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) the actor, was an electrician. Alfred Hitchcock spent his younger years as an electricians apprentice than moved on to become one of the most memorable film directors in the world.

John Deacon from the band Queen was also an electrician apprentice. Each of the aforementioned all talk about their time as electricians in their biographies.

What Does it Take to Become a Licensed Electrician?

It is not easy to become a licensed electrician. It takes a combination of formal training, and on the job training with a master electrician to even apply to take the test to become licensed in NY. The candidate has to apply to take the test and provide documentation that they have met the required time in the field and have the educational requirements.

The next time you are having electrical problems remember your local licensed electrician has the superpower to help solve the problem and keep your property safe.