In the United States alone electrical fires account for over 45,000 of house fires nationwide. Many of these fires are caused by faulty wiring and other issues that could have been mitigated had the home been inspected by a licensed electrician. These types of inspections are critical to your health and safety, as your electrical system could pose a number of potential hazards. Furthermore, hiring a licensed electrical contractor to inspect your home is the only way to avoid such hazards, and to afford yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your system is safe and efficient.

6 Reasons To Have Your Home’s Electrical System Inspected

House Is Over 80 Years Old

If you reside in an older home, it is more likely to have old and outdated wiring that could cause fires. Therefore, it is important for your home to be inspected regularly to mitigate these issues and ensure that your home is safe. Old homes need to be regularly inspected due to the likely presence of outdated knob and tube wiring that is more susceptible to fires and other issues that could prove harmful.

Added Energy Efficiency

By hiring an electrician to perform annual electrical inspections, the electrician will notify you if your electrical system is operating inefficiently, and give you various measures to take to improve energy efficiency. Your electrician may suggest upgrading to a new electrical system, especially if your home is running old knob and tube wiring. Furthermore, upgrading your electrical system will save you substantial amounts on your monthly bill due to the added efficiency.

Check For Malfunctioning Wires And Other Components

Electrical fires are very common throughout the state of New York, therefore, it is critical to ensure all facets of your electrical system is operating smoothly. Such items as the circuit breaker and outdated, defective wiring could pose as a fire hazard. Hiring a professional electrical contractor to inspect your home will afford you the peace of mind that your system is safe, efficient, and cost effective.

Purchasing A New Home

When considering the purchase of a new home, it is important to ensure that the electrical systems are safe and efficient. Therefore, electrical inspections will allow you to be sure that the home is safe prior to purchasing, potentially avoiding both injury and astronomical expense.

Before A Significant Renovation

When you are performing a major renovation on your home, it is important to be sure that your current electrical system can support the upgrades. Furthermore, this is one of the best opportunities to improve your electrical components if necessary, as your home is already under construction, and would not require much additional effort. Furthermore, an electrical inspection can ensure that your home will continue to be efficient after the renovations are complete.

Home Insurance

Before insuring your home, many insurance companies want to ensure the home is safe, and therefore, may request an electrical inspection. If an inspector does find various faults with your home’s electrical system, this will give you the opportunity to make the appropriate repairs, which could likely lead to a lower insurance payment.

There are various reasons why an electrical inspection may be necessary for your home, however, a regular inspection is critical to your health and safety. Additionally, home inspections could alleviate some stress off of your wallet as well, as the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your electrical system will be vastly improved.