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Electric Meter Pan Diagnosis, Upgrades & Replacement

You may notice in an older home or business structure that there are less electrical outlets than you need. By implementing meter pan upgrades, our electricians in Bohemia can help you enhance your total power supply into something that’s more appropriate for today’s grid. Your safety may be at risk if old, deteriorating electrical panels are not fixed or replaced. You can always rely on the electrical professionals at Bianco Electrical to help you make time-saving and budget-friendly improvements for the safety of your electrical systems.

Residential & Commercial Electrical Services

Our major concern as the leading electricians serving Bohemia’s commercial and residential requirements is your safety. All of our services use regulatory-approved materials for lighting, electrical components, heating and air conditioning elements, as well as alarms and appliances. Additionally, our work with motion detection, lighting, generators, and pumps must adhere to all applicable regulations and standards.

Circuit Breaker Diagnosis, Upgrades & Replacement

When it comes to circuit breaker installation or replacements in Bohemia, we have the experience and expertise to solve your problems quickly and safely. Bianco Electrical has the top electricians in Bohemia for both residential and commercial projects.

Fully Accredited

Bianco Electrical Inc. is 100% insured, bonded, and fully licensed to work in the electrical field. In Bohemia, Suffolk County, and Long Island, we are the leading electrical service provider.

Local Professionals

Since 1986, we’ve been providing excellent service to our neighbors right here in Bohemia. We want to continue doing so for generations to come!

Code Violations

For the vast majority of older houses in Bohemia, it will be necessary to replace their main panel boxes and wiring in order to comply with current electrical safety standards. The repair and maintenance needs of your electrical system can certainly be handled by our team of highly skilled electricians.


In Bohemia, we have a strong reputation with positive reviews from clients who have relied on our highly qualified electricians for many years. As locals ourselves, our knowledge is always up to date regarding the regulations that apply to our community.

Your Local Electricians in Bohemia, NY Since 1986!


Over 55,000 fires occur each year as a result of malfunctioning electrical wiring, resulting in countless deaths and over a billion dollars in damage. Our residential and commercial electricians in Bohemia are here to ensure that the electricity in your home or business is always running safely and at full capacity.

Main Electrical Panel

The main electrical panel houses a switchboard that controls the flow of power to your home. A home’s electrical circuits provide electricity to different devices, such as lights, outlets, appliances, and other electronics throughout the house. No matter how big or little your electrical panel replacement or repair is, Bianco Electrical has electricians in Bohemia available to help you.

Panel Upgrades & Replacement

In the scenario that one or more of your home’s power panels go out, trying to discern the next move to make in the dark can be quite stressful. All of your home’s electrical panels are inspected and, if required, updated by our electrical experts to help prevent this kind of emergency event from occurring.

Our certified Bohemia, NY Electricians are the most reliable and trusted around. Each is professionally trained and licensed. Bianco Electrical of Blue Point is committed to excellence, honesty and integrity.