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Bayport, NY

Bayport’s Top Licensed Residential & Commercial Electrician

Electric Meter Pan Diagnosis, Upgrades & Replacement

Our professional electricians in Bayport can help you enhance your home’s power supply by installing meter pan upgrades. In older properties, it isn’t unusual to discover that you have far fewer power outlets than you expected. Electrical panels that are old and deteriorated may potentially be harmful if they are not repaired or replaced. Our experts at Bianco Electrical are ready to assist you with critical safety upgrades to your home’s electrical systems in a budget-friendly way.

Residential & Commercial Electrical Services

As the premier electricians for Bayport businesses and residences, our primary focus is your safety. Approved regulatory materials for lighting, electrical parts, heating and AC elements, alarms, and appliances are used in all of our services. Our work with motion detection, lights, generators, and pumps must all be in compliance with codes and provisions as well.

Circuit Breaker Diagnosis, Upgrades & Replacement

For both home and business projects, the best electricians in Bayport are right here at Bianco Electrical. When it comes to circuit breaker installation or replacement services in Bayport, we have the knowledge and skills to deliver your desired results.

Why Choose Us? We’re Fully Accredited!

Bianco Electrical Inc. is completely insured, licensed, and bonded to operate in the electrical sector. We are the top electrical service company in Bayport, Suffolk County, and Long Island.

Local Professionals

We’ve been proudly serving our neighbors in Bayport since 1986, and we’ll remain right here for the years to come!

Code Violations

Main panel boxes and wiring in the majority of older residences in Bayport must be modified to meet local electrical safety code requirements. All of your repair and maintenance needs can be met by our team of qualified electricians!


We have a lengthy record of delighted customers in the Bayport area who have trusted our skilled electricians for decades. As longtime residents, we are more than familiar with the local regulatory requirements.

Your Local Electricians in Bayport, NY Since 1986


Our Bayport commercial and residential electricians are here to ensure that the electricity in your business or home is running safely at its full capacity. Old, damaged electrical wiring causes an estimated 55,000 fires per year, which results in hundreds of deaths and over a billion dollars in property damage.

Main Electrical Panel

Your home’s power is controlled by a switchboard in the main electrical panel. Circuits are used to distribute electricity throughout your home, such as to lights, outlets, appliances, and other equipment. Whether you need a major electrical panel replaced or just repaired, Bianco Electrical’s experts are here to serve you.

Panel Upgrades & Replacement

Panels provide and manage the energy in your home, so if one or more of these panels goes out, things will become a bit gloomy inside. All of the electrical panels in your home that may be obsolete or poorly connected are examined and then upgraded by our electricians.

Our certified Bayport Electricians are the most reliable and trusted around. Each is professionally trained and licensed. Bianco Electrical of Bayport is committed to excellence, honesty and integrity.

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