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Quality Electric Meter Upgrade Services, Bayport, NY

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Modern electrical devices and appliances have specific energy demands. As these increase, your home might fail to keep up.

Many residences within Suffolk County, NY, and the surrounding areas don’t have enough outlets or adequate power supply to use electronics safely. Electric meter upgrades from Bianco Electrical can help.

At Bianco Electrical, you can expect superior electrical services from master electricians. We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company with certified technicians who can install, repair, and replace any electrical system with precision.

Our local team has been serving clients throughout the area since 1986, and we strive to provide superb electrical services with upfront pricing.

Reasons for Electric Meter Upgrades

Your electrical panel and meter work together to provide electricity to your property. First, the meter receives power from an electric company. It then distributes that power through wiring to various parts of the house.

Electric meter upgrades are necessary for boosting the capacities of a home’s current electrical system. It’s an effective way to ensure that your home has enough power to accommodate your electrical usage without overloading or shorting the system.

The service can include upgrades to:

  • The electrical panel
  • The meter base
  • The meter socket
  • Wiring between the electric meter and panel

With electric meter upgrades from Bianco Electrical, you can be confident that your electrical system will accommodate modern appliances with ease. Our services include top-quality components, plenty of industry knowledge, and the best electrical repairs, replacements, and installations in the area.

Suffolk County Main Electric Panel Replacement for Code Compliance

What to Expect During Electric Meter Upgrades

When conducting standard electric meter upgrades, our professionals may begin by removing outdated electrical panels or fuse systems and installing an updated model. We will rewire the current circuits to the new panel before replacing the old meter socket and weather head with new components.

Our services typically upgrade residences to 100-amp, 150-amp, or 200-amp capabilities. During our initial evaluation of your system, we will recommend the ideal option for your property.

During the visit, our electricians can also add dedicated circuits to the panel to handle heavy loads from major appliances like HVAC systems.

For simple jobs, the entire upgrade process should take less than 30 minutes.

Suffolk County Main Electric Panel Replacement for Code Compliance

Warning signs for when to upgrade your electric meter

Some electrical problems require prompt action to prevent dangerous power overloads that could cause an electrical fire. Other problems can simply cost you more money. Have you noticed an unusual increase in your electric bill? If you’re not using more electricity than normal and your energy bill has increased, it may be time to take a look at your electric meter. Our master Bayport electricians will promptly identify electric meter and panel issues during their thorough inspection and consultation. Their training allows them to spot issues property owners may overlook.

Don’t wait on necessary electric meter upgrades for your property. The master electricians at Bianco Electrical in Bayport, NY, are ready to handle all your electrical repairs and replacement needs. Call 631-888-WIRE (9473) today to schedule your free estimate.

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