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Holbrook, NY

Electric Meter Pan Diagnosis, Upgrades & Replacement

When outdated and failing electrical panels are not repaired or replaced, this puts you and your home at risk for electrical fires and other very dangerous scenarios. Our electricians in Holbrook can optimize your overall power supply¬† by implementing meter pan improvements. This makes your power system better-suited for today’s infrastructure. The electrical experts at Bianco can help you save time and funds while strengthening the integrity of the electrical systems in your home or business. We genuinely believe in the work we do, as it helps ensure your safety while extending the longevity of your structure.

Residential & Commercial Electrical Services

As the premier electrical contractor in Holbrook’s business and residential electrical needs, our major focus is safety. All of our professional electrical solutions use materials that have been approved by local regulatory authorities. Everything from lighting to electrical components, heating and air conditioning elements, motion detectors, generators, alarms, and even appliances. We make sure that we adhere to all current standards and guidelines and remain educated on current practices and regulations.

Circuit Breaker Diagnosis, Upgrades & Replacement

Bianco Electrical employs only the best electricians in Holbrook, so both industrial and residential projects are safe in our hands. We have the skills and ability to handle all of your fuse box installation and repair issues, ensuring that your systems are always operational and secure.

Why Choose Us?

Fully Accredited

Bianco Electrical Inc. is fully insured, certified, and licensed to operate in the electrical industry. We are the top electrical contractor in Holbrook, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York.

Local Professionals

We’ve been delivering exceptional service to our communities in Long Island since 1986. We want to continue doing so for future generations!

Code Violation

To fit with modern electrical safety regulations, most, if not all, of the older properties in Holbrook will need to have their main panel boxes and connections replaced. Our team of highly qualified electricians here at Bianco can absolutely resolve any issue regarding your electrical system’s repair and maintenance.


We have a sterling reputation as a top electrical contractor in Holbrook. We’re always very proud of the positive feedback we receive from all of the customers who have depended on our skills and solutions for decades. To maintain that reputation, we are constantly staying up to speed on the rules and laws that pertain to our community.

Your Local Electricians in Holbrook, NY Since 1986


Our Holbrook commercial and residential electricians will guarantee that your power is working safely and efficiently. Faulty or old electrical wiring causes 55,000 fires every year, killing hundreds and damaging roughly $1 billion in property.

Main Electrical Panel

The main electrical panel controls your home’s electricity. Circuits transfer power to lights, outlets, appliances, and other items in your house. Bianco’s professionals can replace or repair major electrical panels. No job is too big!

Panel Upgrades & Replacement

Panels supply and regulate your home’s electricity, so if one or more of them fails, you’re unfortunately in the dark. We inspect and, if required, replace any old or improperly connected electrical panels in your structure.

Our Holbrook, NY Electrical Services

Exterior Electric

Electric Generators

Electrical Inspections

Lighting Retrofits

Security Lighting & Cameras


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Our Certified Holbrook Electricians are the most reliable and trusted around. Each is professionally trained and licensed. Bianco Electrical of Holbrook is committed to excellence, honesty and integrity.